Reflections on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

As ever, excellent reflections from Eric. Follow this blog – brilliant.

21 Century Pilgrim

Icon: The Blessed Virgin Mary & Christ Icon: The Blessed Virgin Mary & Christ

As a convert to Catholicism, I always get excited about celebrating the different feast day’s of the Saints.  Individuals and families alike have so much to learn from their example.  During the Old Testament period, monuments were built to remind the Jews of what God had done in a particular place and time.  That monument stood so future generations would remember what God did thereby creating a deep, relational connection between creation (humanity) and the Creator.

On September 8, we celebrated the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and what a monument she is for the Church today.  Her story, clearly articulated at the beginning of the Gospel’s (Mt. 1:18-23) – a virgin, chosen by God to carry, care for and support the life and ministry of the Christ –  the only Son of God who would be for us the Savior. The Gospel story goes on…

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